STORY: Innocent Doubt (Short Fiction | Fantasy)

Innocent Doubt – By T. A. Fenner

A muffled beep sounded from the hip of Jacob’s overalls, drawing a heavy sigh from the tiny hunter. He slipped a hand inside the pocket and pulled free an army-green wrist watch.

His brother’s watch.

Jacob stared at the timepiece as his thumb traced its circular edge. Dave… After a hard swallow, Jacob checked the time.


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STORY: Newer Model (Flash Fiction | SciFi)

Newer Model – 1200 words

By T. A. Fenner

I was quite proud of myself for writing this story while sitting for an oil change in a car dealership. Sadly though, a friend pointed out that this story is basically the same as a Twilight Zone story.

While I’ve never seen the show (before my time), I nevertheless did not like the idea of my original story not being so original after all — and as such, I’ve decided to just put it out for free vs trying to get it published.

So here it is… in all of its “original” glory!

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