You can’t finish if you don’t start…

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Every writer has a story.  (Shocking bit of insight, no?)

This undeniable fact does not, however, mean every story will find itself written–fully or otherwise. Some stories demand to be told and leap out when given the chance. Others need to be coaxed out, often over decades, only finding completion after the author has shriveled into a dry, shallow husk.

Regardless of how they get written, the key is the stories GET WRITTEN.

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The allure of writing…

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Writing has a strange allure. It’s a doppelganger, a muse, a mirror, and its value fluctuates every time it’s found and rediscovered. But that’s art. We go through the roller coaster that is expression, finding that the best way to explode onto the page is by letting our sleeves run with spit and tears. It’s not always external, but there’s little to argue against who’s behind the steering at any given time pen touches paper.

And being drawn in doesn’t require being victim.

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