6 Simple Tricks to Open Your Novel Strong


Originally published on Commas & Sense Editing.

You’ve probably heard that if you want to sell your novel to a publishing house, the beginning of your story has to have a great hook. However, did you know that many editors make a decision based on the first sentence or paragraph?

The opening of your novel has never been more important, and here’s why.

Agents and editors will quit reading if your opening sentence doesn’t have zing, or your opening paragraph must have hook. They have dozens of submissions to read every day, and if the opening doesn’t hook them, they won’t bother with the rest. Sadly that also means you can write a brilliant book, but if your introduction doesn’t start right it won’t matter.

Image courtesy of Commas & Sense Editing

The good news is, there are 6 simple tricks to creating a strong opening sentence that hooks them into the story. Continue reading