FictionRemedy is a writers blog that brings writers together to share content meant to encourage, enrich, and develop other fiction writers in the world. The goal is to share thoughts and experiences on how to write fiction in today’s landscape. The content will cover a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • The art of writing
  • Inspirational messages
  • Book, movie, and story reviews
  • Theories and philosophies of the craft
  • “Rules” of writing

Want to join in the fun?

  • Are you an author?
  • Would you like to build your brand by contributing to a blog that garners more traffic than it probably deserves?
  • Do you have a message, thought or idea on the craft of writing you feel others may enjoy?

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Who we are



Timothy A Fenner is an aspiring author who attempts to direct his Muse towards the creation of short stories, novellas and novels — covering Science Fiction, Horror and Fantasy (ie swords and sorcerers, not Fifty Shades of Perversion). These stories are not only meant to entertain, but to also carry a message for the reader — to inspire, to awaken, and to educate — or at minimum, to be more than just a splash of words across the page! Be sure to check out his website or Facebook page.



Kyle Jacobson is an editor, a poet, a fiction author, and BMX daredevil who throws caution — and his own safety — to the side in the hopes of finding the next thrill! Kyle does not limit himself to any particular genre of writing, but favors literary fiction with potent messages for humanity. Kyle has published short stories and written an article or two. His background includes professional editing, copy editing, content writing, and teaching high school English with an emphasis in writing and philosophy.

TSM Davies is an author of both young adult and fantasy books and short stories. There are three book projects currently underway. Visit the Books page for details on each, as well as current stages of development. Interested to see what short stories she has already published? Visit the Short Stories page.

Davies also publishes a bi-monthly newsletter containing updates, helpful articles about publishing, editing, and writing, and just fun anecdotes about life. Once per month she also tries to link to a new story.


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