Poetry and Humanity

with every cry we pierce the sky.

with every word we scorch the earth.

but the sky quickly corrects itself

and eats our voices without pleasure or remorse.

and the earth scars over with growth

to drown our passions without ambition.

why the struggle?

why press on?

is it human to be temporal?

or is it the fight, the need to persevere as a speck?

imagine each grain crying out to be remembered

only to become excrement.

are we so different?

so few dare prove otherwise.


It is national poetry month in America. If you see writing as more than an opportunity to be heard, if you fight against the effortlessness that is 15 minutes of fame, then write a poem and find a place to post it. The comment section works, but simply writing a poem and giving it to a loved one is more than enough. Be part of the collective voice shouting “This is humanity. It is both right and wrong. It is better and worse. We are so different.”