You can’t finish if you don’t start…

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Every writer has a story.  (Shocking bit of insight, no?)

This undeniable fact does not, however, mean every story will find itself written–fully or otherwise. Some stories demand to be told and leap out when given the chance. Others need to be coaxed out, often over decades, only finding completion after the author has shriveled into a dry, shallow husk.

Regardless of how they get written, the key is the stories GET WRITTEN.

Search the Interwebs, chat with published authors, talk to anyone in the business, and you will most certainly hear the same message over and over: The stories published today all share one thing in common… They got written.

The stories published today are not necessarily the best (especially in the self-published realm), but at least they all had an author who was unwilling to give up, who kept pushing the pen, tapping the keys and working to breathe life into their ideas.

So to all ye procrastinators, nay-sayers and never-starts… I say unto you — JUST WRITE!

The rest will work itself out!

— Timothy A. Fenner